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A car accident is terrible for you but for them just another day in the office with a policy manual and computer.

So, how are you going to handle that?

It might be worth talking to a lawyer who will see you without any charge to talk this over before you go too far.

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This is how the game is played but the rules aren't even.  

     Whether you are in Pickens County, Alabama or Pickens County, South Carolina, Carrollton, Alabama or Carrollton, Georgia, whatever insurance company has the other driver also has computer programs that have all the information on settlements and jury verdicts so the computers can tell them about what your case is worth and whatever the risk to them is of fighting the case. The insurance company may give you a claim number to identify your Pickens County, Alabama car accident but in reality you are not even a number to the them. Your car accident case is a combination of every other settlement and jury verdict of other folks who have had car accidents in or near Pickens County, Alabama. Your case is just one more car accident mixed together and judged by a computer.

    When you are in an auto accident and the other driver is in the wrong, these insurance companies try to get to you as fast as they can to get statements from you on the phone. It can use the statement to put your injury in the lowest category for the computers and offer you the bare minimum or less to get you to settle.Don't give a statement to the other driver's insurance no matter how polite they are. They are recording your statement. It can be used against you in court or to hammer down the value of your case if they need to. A police detective will at least warn you anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. An insurance adjuster doesn't have to do that.  The person from the other driver's insurance is rewarded at his job by paying you the lowest amount compared to what the injury is really worth according to the company's computer and do that fast before you are absolutely sure the injuries have healed.

Don't settle until your doctor has cleared you and you are sure you feel healed as much as you can heal. Settling fast finishes any injury claim you have. You can't go back if the injury is worse than it first appeared or it takes you longer to heal than expected. Insurance companies  should pay for future pain and suffering as well as future medicals and loss of income if this applies. Settling fast, like any adjuster who calls you will try to do, blocks forever these future claims before you know they exist. Don't do that. Talk to me or some other competent lawyer before signing the papers to settle the case.

    This is just the beginning of the car accident case where you have been injured. Actually, this is only the first few days while you are still hurting and taking pain medicines. It gets more complicated and involved as the case goes on. The claims adjusters by calling you are getting a head start on preparing their case. You will have to prepare your own case or have someone help you to prove to the insurance company how badly you are hurt. The insurance company is not really sympathetic to you but it does have to pay attention to the evidence a judge or jury might see. More than 90% of these cases settle somewhere down the line but they will settle based on what can be proven. What is needed to prove a case and how to get the evidence is what a lawyer routinely does.

    The next steps, if done right, are building the best case to match the insurance companies. This means proving all the damages to you fairly and justly allowed by law. Nothing fancy, just hard solid work backed by knowledge of the law so that an injured person is treated fairly ... not trying to get anybody rich but doing everything to make sure they're treated decently.

    If this makes sense to you,call now - even if you have already started trying to work with the insurance company - and we  will see where to go next. The consultation is free. If you want to hire me, fine we'll talk about that but let's see what you need, where you are and where you need to go first.

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