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Pelvic Organ Prolapse:  More Transvaginal and Complications

We look at the problems you are having in your pelvis and stomach area - by looking at your surgeries that have failed to hang your body the right way.  Interior muscles are giving up and failing by not holding up the inside part of the stomach is your problem. Hanging and drawing down on the muscles way too long is what's going on. The fancy word is prolapse but this is just a failing and dropping with the inside pushing out. The other failure here is a stress when your passing water is getting out of control. That fancy word is stress urinary incontinance.  Same thing as what I mentioned about this above.

    I think this will match cases paying now or may fill some more in the future. The problems on the stomach area and urinary leaking are not folks fault. Women have been having about 60,000 cases concerning this stuff  and are going from just medicine and surgery with doctors. That means at least 60,000 cases where people can get paid.  We're moving from doctors to lawyers to add on these cases.

    The government has already decided to move the mesh cases on the stomach to reclassify as high risk medical devices when one  uses them.

( I Hope they're right when that gets done.) But the history is often a body weakened when this is added to a body rather than making it stronger.

 When your body is weaker with pain and weakness, these are often cases involving both the pelvis and the stomach. Call me on this because there are now thousands of cases to look at. If you match these, we can get you paid on the stomach and its problems quite often.
    This is Dennis Harmon. Call with any questions about this. Feel free to call for answers from me before you hire me so I can come in an face money for you on this kind of problem.   Please fill ut the contact form or write me at I'm ready to help you on the pain caused by your your health problems by using the laws to fight for you on your behalf.   .

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[ 5-16-2017 ] Based on new data from two large clinical trials, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded that the type 2 diabetes medicine canagliflozin (Invokana, Invokamet, Invokamet XR) causes an increased risk of leg and foot amputations. We are requiring new warnings, including our most prominent Boxed Warning, to be added to the canagliflozin drug labels to describe this risk.

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Defective Medical Device Litigation

Hernia Mesh
C-qur Mesh
Physiomesh Hernia Mesh
Da Vinci Surgical Robot
Hip Replacement
Stryker Hip Replacement
Hip Replacement
Mirena IUD
Stöckert 3t Heater-cooler System
Zimmer Knee
3M Bair Hugger

Bad Drug Litigation

Birth Injury
GM Recall
Pro Football
Shoulder Recall
Stockert 3T® Surgery Infection


More than twelve thousand patients who received DePuy’s ASR XL or Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip replacements have sued DePuy over their malfunction, alleging that the company knowingly sold defective and dangerous products. The devices release metal debris into surrounding tissue, leading to many different types of health issues and an extremely high failure rate. DePuy ultimately recalled its ASR hip systems, but the manufacturers allege they knew of its problems long beforehand and even actively worked to suppress evidence of malfunction. Other manufacturers have issued similar recalls. If you have had a Hip Replacement and think it may be giving you problems please contact us to see if it could be one of those on the Hip Replacement recall list. Call:
205-342-3622 or 662-328-9365. Write me at if you prefer to email. I'm ready to help you with this pain caused by your ongoing health issues by using the laws to fight for you on your behalf.   

Bad Drug Litigation

Viagra and Melanoma
Proton Pump Inhibitors
Taxotere Chemotherapy
Low testosterone

Talcum Powder and Products containing


Kerr-McGee Filing

What we do is start from the beginning with the client that believes they qualify for the lawsuit and we get the facts straight from them if they do--qualifications would be living in the area of the Columbus, MS plant prior to 2009 or working in the plant at any point that it was open. We have cases for people who worked inside the plant, worked for companies that were hired out to help transport materials and products to and from the plant, and those that lived in the area as well. Once the client comes in, we sit down and will submit the paperwork to Tronox Trust based off of health issues that were brought on by the chemical exposure. The process is in litigation right now but they still take cases on for the time being but they are in the phase of determination at this point. Cases that we have received determination notices on still in litigation have ranged from $5,000 up to $250,000. As long as the person has not filed a claim of any sorts related to this lawsuit with a previous attorney or firm, then we can help them.

Kerr-McGee Factual Background

Since its founding in 1929, Kerr-McGee operated various businesses around the country, including wood-treating, uranium mining and processing, thorium processing, and the manufacturing or use of various chemicals (e.g., creosote and ammonium perchlorate). By the early 2000s, Kerr-McGee had discontinued most of these historic business operations yet remained responsible for environmental, tort, workers’ compensation, and retiree and employee benefit liabilities related to these “legacy” businesses. Kerr-McGee continued to operate two core businesses: oil and gas exploration and production; and chemical production.

The Court’s decision makes a strong statement that companies should take responsibility for the toxic pollution they cause. Those that manipulate their assets and leave American taxpayers to foot the bill to clean up their mess will be held accountable. This is a huge win for public health and the environment, as proceeds from the decision will fund needed cleanups across America. Cynthia Giles, Assistant Administrator, Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

In 2001, Kerr-McGee began an internal reorganization – referred to as “Project Focus” – through which the oil and gas business was separated from the chemical business and the legacy liabilities. Unable to sell the liability-laden chemical business following Project Focus, Kerr-McGee decided to separate the chemical business from the oil and gas business through a multi-step transaction that involved an initial public offering (“IPO”) of stock for Tronox Incorporated (“Tronox”) in 2005 and a spin-off of Tronox from Kerr-McGee in 2006. A few months after the spin-off, Anadarko acquired Kerr-McGee (and the oil and gas business) for $18 billion.

Burdened by legacy liabilities, and especially environmental liabilities, Tronox filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2009 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. Tronox emerged from bankruptcy on February 14, 2011, when its plan of reorganization was confirmed by the Court. As part of the reorganization, Tronox settled with various environmental regulators for approximately $270 million and approximately 88% of any net proceeds from the fraudulent conveyance litigation. At the same time, Tronox established a litigation trust to pursue the litigation after Tronox’s emergence from bankruptcy and to distribute any recoveries from the litigation to the trust’s environmental and tort beneficiaries. 

Procedural Background

In May 2009, Tronox initiated the case against the defendants as an adversary proceeding before Judge Allan L. Gropper. The U.S. intervened in the case under the Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act to recover response costs for environmental cleanups at numerous sites around the country. In their complaints, the plaintiffs alleged that the defendants fraudulently transferred valuable assets out of the entity that became Tronox, imposed the legacy liabilities on Tronox, and left Tronox with insufficient funds to pay the liabilities that Tronox owed to involuntary creditors (i.e., governmental environmental and tort claimants).

The U.S. and the litigation trust have pursued the case since Tronox emerged from bankruptcy. The 34-day trial took place between May and September 2012, the parties filed post-trial briefs in November 2012, closing arguments were in December 2012, and the parties filed supplemental post-trial briefs in January 2013.
The number in Mississippi is 662-342-3622. Please write me at if you prefer to email. I'm ready to help you with this pain caused by your ongoing health issues by using the laws to fight for you on your behalf.   

IVA Filters - Complications of Inferior Vena Caval Filters

IVC filters, or inferior vena cava filters, are a type of vascular filter. It is a medical device inserted into the inferior vena cava, a vein that carries blood from the body’s lower extremities and into the heart, this is done to help prevent pulmonary embolism and other dangerous blood clotting-related problems.

These filters are used to capture blood clots. With pulmonary embolisms, a blood clot can get lodged in the lungs. An IVC filter can capture blood clots traveling up to the lungs or heart and prevent a pulmonary embolism from happening. Other dangerous conditions can result from a blood clot being trapped elsewhere besides in the lungs such as in the brain.

However, there are several common IVC filter problems that have been noticed in recent years. According to the US FDA, some IVC filter problems include: filter migration, deep vein thrombosis (also known as DVT), access site thrombosis, IVC thrombosis, caval penetration, and IVC filters fracturing.

The IVC filter works by stopping the blood clot and holding it in place while it dissolves naturally. Although there are several kinds of filters designed to be temporarily implanted, others are made to be permanently inserted for the life of the patient.

Some common manufacturers of IVC filter are: Cordis, Rafael Medical Technologies and Rex Medical, B Braun Medical, Bard Peripheral Vascular, Boston Scientific, and ALN Implants Chirurgicaux.

The FDA is addressing IVC Filter Problems: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cautions patients about IVC filter problems. In 2010, this federal agency issued a safety communication that announced it had received 921 adverse event reports since 2005.

Additionally, the US FDA also stated that of these reported IVC filter problems, 328 reports received involved IVC filter migration, 146 was due to IVC filter components, 70 occurred because of the perforation of the major inferior vena cava vein, and last 56 reported incidents involving IVC filter fracture.

The FDA, further warns that IVC filter problems are more likely to be related to permanent or long-term use of the medical device. The federal agency cautions that the medical device is intended to be used only temporarily. Once the risk of pulmonary embolism occurring in a patient subsides, the filter should be removed as soon as possible.

To help decrease the risk of IVC filter problems, the FDA now recommends that physicians remove retrievable IVC filters as soon as the patient’s risk of blood clot-related injuries has passed.

In general, IVC filter lawsuits are filed individually by each plaintiff and are not class actions.

This is Dennis Harmon. Call
205-342-3622 or 662-328-9365 with any questions about this. Feel free to call for answers from me before you hire me so we can discuss this kind of problem.  Write me at if  you want to write. I'm ready to help you on the pain caused by your your health problems by using the laws to fight for you on your behalf.  

Harmful Medical Device and Bad Drug Litigation Lawyer

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