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How I can help you with your case in Pickens County, Alabama

.     I'm the person you see when something has gone pretty badly wrong.  Whether its a car accident or Social Security, SSI or both this time to talk to an attorney like me who does a lot of work here Sometimes it will take a lawyer to straighten things. It  might be Social Security Disability as well as some injury that caused the disability. It might be one of those medical device or drug cases you see on TV where there is  normally a federal court which has piled those cases up somewhere other than Pickens County and you need a lawyer to sort through the process. I tend to go where there is a fight and a courtroom figures into the fight somehow.


     If this is beginning to hit close to home, please get in touch with me by  email at or  call  205-342-3622 or click on the number at the top.

Because I've been where you are right now, talking  to me about your case is free.

    Let me tell you why I will talk to you about your case for free and agree to be your lawyer on contigency whenever I can. I've had to go looking for a lawyer when I was out of work and needed a lawyer to get the money due me.

    It was my last job as an engineer before I returned to finish law school. The company I worked for had folded up its American operation during a deep recession in the '80's. They owed me money. They had a lawyer. Being able to design industrial and utility power systems then clean up after myself does not help a bit if the other side had a lawyer but I didn't. Kinda like showing up for a knife fight without a knife. Good way to get chopped up I thought.

    Of course I hired a lawyer.  Out of work and living in Atlanta I needed a lawyer. I found a good one but I had to pay him $500 to start that case even though I really couldn't afford it. I won't do that to you. I will talk to you for free and I'll take the case on contingency wherever I can. ( Bar rules don't let me take criminal cases that way.)

    We settled that case in Georgia after several months. That money helped me finish law school so everything worked out fine in the end. But I still remember having to pay that money when I was broke. So, the way I say I will talk to you is personal to me and the way I would want to be treated.

    You see the list of things I do for folks most of the time. I provide more detail on these cases on other pages. I you want to talk about your particular case, then call me at 205-342-3622 ( click at the top if you're on a phone) or

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     Get the benefits you deserve by moving for your Social Security claim. We will move directly for you when you file and have been denied. If it looks like you qualify for Social Security Disability but more than mistakes to turn you down has knocked you out. We can help.

     We are here to support you. We will work through this together with you on the Social Security law.
We want you to get what you deserve.

     You may qualify for Social Security. You need Social Security when you cannot work. We will be part of hope and change for you. The best benefit for you that can work is Social Security. Get what you deserve.

     You may qualify for Social Security. Two kinds, Title 16 for the limited amount and coverage, and Title 2 for the maximum amount, for people who have worked the last 5 years before you stopped working.

     The best benefits for you are here. We are here to help and support you. When you need the Social Security, we will work through with you on this. When you should get Social Security but have been stopped; when Social Security
has held up targets and blocks, we will be here to help. We are here to help you qualify.

     Justice, Respect, and Dignity can be yours with Social Security, Call us and we’ll work to bring this for you and your family.
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Dennis Harmon
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